Must-see places


Here you’ll find some places we recommend visiting to appreciate the nature, the beauty, the artistic value, the cultural offer and the gastronomic quality. Feel free to explore!

The Province of FERMO

Piazza del Popolo - Fermo

 The latest among the provinces of Le Marche is Fermo. Its hilly landscape is enclosed between a straight, mostly sandy coast and a mountainous area which is part of the National Park of Sibillini Mountains.

Fermo is a not-so-big territory with a powerful economic boost: its inner vocation for handcraft making whose best representatives are the small business districts, internationally known for the footfwear (the largest in Europe) and the hat productions.

Excellence in the agricultural production, mainly spread along the Valdaso valley and the mountains above , it stands for the quality and variety of the cultivated native species as well as for its products.

It’s definitely a territory to see, discover and … enjoy!

The eno-gastronomic and tourist routes we propose are designed to highlight the richness of this region whose wide food scene is the mirror of its eclectic territory. The hills, the mountains, the sea and the countryside are mixed together giving birth to an incredible variety of colors, flavors and taste.

Fine wines, fresh fish, healthy and delicious vegetables: creative and unusual combinations couple up with a long tradition, perfectly preserved and handed down.

Who hasn’t heard of the famous Maccheroncini di Campofilone and of the rich Vincisgrassi? Try to match them with a classic red wine like Rosso Piceno, a white one like Passerina or even Verdicchio di Jesi. You won’t regret it!

Stop on the coast for an unforgettable seafood dish, like the well-known Brodetto alla sambenedettese or ask for the famous stuffed Olive all’ascolana and the delicious Creminifritti and you will understand why Ascoli Piceno is an excellence for fried handmade products.

Enjoy the fruity Fistringo cake with its gentle yet firm personality and do not forget to taste the precious aroma of the white truffle of Acqualagna and Sant’Angelo in Vado.

Our range of cheese will conquer even the most demanding palate with a wide variety of goat,cow and sheep’s dairy products.

The local wines will be the perfect treat to complete this journey inside the taste, the smell and the feeling of our land.

The province of ANCONA

 Anyone loving Nature and its hidden beauties will be astonished by the wonders of Frasassi caves. The path winds along a gorgeous sight, about 1 hour and 15 minutes walk, and it’s accessible to everybody. The temperature of 14 degrees is constant throughout the year and we recommend comfortable shoes and a sweatshirt even in Summer.

Le Grotte di Frassassi

You usually need to be at the selected entrance 30 minutes before the opening time.

The Province of MACERATA

Teatro Sferisterio

This province is still partially unknown and yet there is so much you can see and experience there.

The area offers a wide choice of leisures, having coasts, hills and mountains. Most of the territory is made of lush hills gently sloping down to the long coast which stretches for 22 kilometers between the mouths of the two main rivers, Chianti e Musone.

Much of the mountainous area is occupied by the National Park of Monti Sibillini and by two other natural reserves, Fiastra, with the famous Abbey, and Torricchio.

Finally, you can not leave Macerata without going to a music show at the stunning Sferisterio, a unique open-air theater which is a master of architecture featuring one of the best acoustics in Italy.

The Province of ASCOLI PICENO

Ascoli Piceno - Piazza Arringo

This territory, also known as Ascolano, is mainly hilly but it has also a large mountainous areas spread among the municipalities of Acquasanta Terme, Arquata del Tronto, Comunanza, Montegallo, Montemonaco, Roccafluvione.

This province features the highest peak in the region, the Monte Vettore (2,476 m) and has a broad preappennine area culminating in the peak of Monte dell’ Ascensione (1,108 m), in the north of Ascoli Piceno.

Finally, a strip of flat land that stretches along the coast for about 20 km with the sandy and equipped popular beaches of San Benedetto del Tronto, Grottammare and Cupra Marittima.

The Province of PESARO e URBINO

Urbino - Il Palazzo Ducale

This enchanting route unfolds in the most northern province of Le Marche and we will be glad to suggest you some of the best and suggestive itineraries around the area, if you fancy to know more about it.

Urbino, the ancient city, which was home to the Duke of Montefeltro (a town 35 km away), is on top of two hills, 486 meters above sea level. It is one of the major Art towns in the world, known for its history, the several monuments, the many works of art and the splendid buildings, like the famous Palazzo del Duca Federico da Motefeltro. The town has been declared a UNESCO’s World Heritage site.

Going towards Pesaro, along the Adriatic coast you can sto and enjoy the beaches of Fano and Cattolica or wonder around the many other historical towns. Pay a visit to Gradara and its fortress and immerse yourself in the world-famous exciting story of Paolo and Francesca, the unforgettable lovers that Dante Alighieri celebrated in the Canto V of the Inferno.

Needless to say, there’s so much more to do and see! You will be so excited about these wonders that you will soon crave for others and we look forward to give you some advice on the best places worth exploring and to answer to any enquires or requests arising along your journey.



Land & Sea has been designed to make your stay pleasant, relaxing and full of inspiration the very moment you enter the reception.

A lovely corner has been devoted to our passion, Photography: it has plenty of images and volumes of the most famous Magnum photographers, while the walls feature many striking pictures. Each month, like in a small travelling exhibition, we will showcase different pictures to light up your stay and fill it with gentle beauty.

With a keen eye for details, we have chosen to customize each room paying tribute to our culture, our land and our traditions.

All the bedrooms feature satellite TV, free Wifi and air conditioning. Decorated with great care and taste, the rooms are dedicated to the Art world, like Music, Fashion or Painting and in each of them you’ll find a small library with books and catalogues on the specific subject.

The PINK ROOM is the delight of fashion lovers who, besides the books and magazine provided, can enjoy our suggested route and check some of the best made- in -Italy fashion districts around the area. From shoes to hats and leather good, there’s plenty to wonder about and to make your stay glamourous and unique.

The YELLOW ROOM is our tribute to Fine Arts , true pride of this region and the whole of Italy. The details and décor of this room are a little sample of what our Bel Paese can offer, while the books, catalogs and magazines available will accompany you toward the discovering of our regional and national enchanting heritage and help you with unusual itineraries or guided tours.

The BLUE ROOM will make music-addicts dive into the infinite sea of notes and melodies. A wide selection of CDs, magazines and books on the subject will cheer your stay , while the music will accompany you like a soundtrack throughout your holiday. We will help you with tips, suggestions and advice on what to choose among concerts, shows and music events this region boasts all year round.

Our B&B

Land&Sea B&B is the brainchild of two sisters, Paola and Patrizia Maroni who decided on a sunny Summer afternoon to turn their country house into a landmark and a guesthouse for tourists and travellers.

Located in the green countryside of Le Marche, halfway between the lovely fields of Campofilone and the charming sea of Pedaso, Land & Sea is the perfect  accommodation ready to welcome any guest willing to explore a territory which is still largely unknown, but widely appreciated by whoever has been there before.

The wide variety of places to see, featuring coasts, hills, mountains and countryside (hence the choice of the name “Land & Sea”), the stunning art towns, the remarkable eno-gastronomy, with the famous Maccheroncini di Campofilone and the notable wine Rosso Piceno (to mention only some of the well-known local excellence), the High-quality agricultural products , the glamourous footwear industry and the prestigious manufacturers are going to meet the expectations of even the most discerning traveler.

Land & Sea is an open invitation for anyone who wish and know how to appreciate a place like Le Marche and the whole of Italy, with the guarantee of a quality holiday that will make you discover the beauty of our territory, the pleasure of our high-standard Mediterranean and traditional cuisine, the amazing creativity of our fashion industry, our great hospitality and much more!

Our challenge is to make you appreciate every aspect of it and let this place become your perfect holiday spot.

Starting from April 2013 Land & Sea will have three spacious bedroom available, provided with all comforts to make your stay as joyful, serene and cosy as possible.

Breakfast – cooking classes

Your special treat.

Last but not least is our fresh and delicious breakfast, prepared with care and enthusiasm to give your mornings the perfect kick.

Choose among our home-made chocolate, carrot, almond or apple cakes, taste our freshly baked cookies, sip an authentic cappuccino or coffee, try our freshly squeezed juice, the sweet and savory tarts, the pizza and everything else daily made for you!


To make sure you leave with the best memories of your stay with us, we have arranged some cooking classes especially designed for you.

Using only highest quality fresh ingredients and organic and tasty products we will help you and guide you through the preparation of typical dishes of our culinary tradition. Have fun mixing, selecting, cooking and finally tasting what we make together.

Your holiday will surely have a different and unforgettable taste! Our kitchen and our tools are at your full disposal to experiment, prepare and enjoy.